It is Wednesday before regionals. Personally, I feel great. My legs are good and my body is starting to get that jumpy feeling that you get when you have been tapering. This reminds me of the days before state skiing and junior nationals. Kikkan Randall, an Olympian skier, once told me that visualizing was a huge part of her pre race strategy. I tried it a couple of times before races but it never seemed to work. I just started visualizing again about a week ago and it is amazing. Think that I just have a different commitment to frisbee that allows me to totally focus on the task at hand. 2 days left. I cannot stop thinking about breaking the mark and skying Hodags…

Sunday Morning

Sunday’s game against SubZero was to simulate a regional finals game. SubZero defeated us 17-13 though they forced few errors. We have one week for our offense to smooth out the bumps and for our defense to visualize getting layout d’s. If you are going to anywhere near Iowa City on Sunday, you will not want to miss it.

Losing My Virginity

I have never had a blog of my own. So i figured that I might as well start. Me and my buddy Jerome made this beer funnel. I named it after a beer funnel from a couple years back that had to be retired because it was puked in. Git ‘R Done lives on…
Tomorrow we are playing against a partial SubZero, write up to follow

Oakland – Jump – Revolver